Smarter Living

Room by Room

Your All-in-One
Smart Room Solution

Make Your Home Smarter

Room by Room

Service by Service

Prevent Burglary

Randomized light sequences will automatically make your home look occupied when you are away

Ensure a Healthy Home

Monitor your indoor climate based on temperature and humidity sensors, and receive alerts if your humidity level becomes unhealthy

Optimize Your Energy Consumption

Automatically turn lights off when you are away or no-one is in the room, and receive notifications when you can save money on your heating bill

Smart Room

You only need ONE Smart Adaptor per room

If you have more, they will work together to make your entire home smarter

Award-winning and Patented Solution

Internationally Recognized

Red Dot Award

International Red Dot Product Design Award 2019

Best of CES

Anyware Solutions has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Startup Of The Year 2018

Anyware Solutions has been nominated as one of the Top 100 semifinalist for the Startup Of The Year Award 2018

OP Smart Living

Winner of Challenge Week 2017

Nordic Startup Awards

Top50 Startup 2017

Nordic Startup Awards

Top50 Startup 2017


Startup of the year Europe 2017

PnP Ventures

Insurtech Startup 2017

CES - Eureka Park

Top 10 of 1,300 startups globally

Insurance Nexus

Best to Insurtech Startup Finalist 2017

Websummit Alpha

Participant 2016

European Utility Week Initiate

Startup Participant 2016

Katerva Award 2019

Finalist 2019


April 2018 Winner as the first European Startup ever

Greentech Challenge

Finalist 2016

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Make Your Home Smarter

Room by Room

Service by Service

Designed in Denmark

Anyware Solutions ApS
Preben Kaas' Vaenge 6
2000 Frederiksberg

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