Smart Home For Everyone With Anyware Smart Adaptors
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Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Your All-in-One Smart Home in ONE Product

Anyware Smart Adaptor with Features

Much More Than Lighting

Don’t let the lamp socket form factor fool you



Detect Intruders based on Sound


Are you among the 85% of Homeowners who struggle to see the value of traditional intrusion systems? Or are you just not that keen on the idea of cameras all over your house?

Preventive Burglar Control Scene


of Mind

Make Your Home Look Occupied using Advanced Lighting Control

Now you can finally get rid of these old Mechanical Timer Switches



Automatically Switch Off Lights when you leave


Monitor your Temperature Level and be advised to reduce it, when it’s too high



Get Indoor Climate Notifications in the App


Be Notified when your Indoor Climate exceeds recommended levels of Temperature and Humidity

Right out of the box

The Anyware App™ comes with four pre-configured services

Intrusion Alarm Dark Circle

Intrusion Detection

Preventive Burglar Control Scene

Preventive Burglar Control

EnergyManagement Dark Circle

Energy Saving Mode

Indoor Monitor Dark Cirle

Indoor Climate Monitoring

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All this for only $75

The Anyware App™ and the four pre-configured services or scenes are included, when you buy the Anyware Smart Adaptor™.


Looking for answers?


Technical Specs

Truly all-in-one


Data Privacy

You are always in control


Quick Guide

Getting Started


As easy as fitting a light bulb




The award-winning Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is the world’s smallest and smartest Smart Home system in ONE connected device. It is a powerful connected device for the lamp socket that offers a simplified, yet compelling Smart Home experience through its seamless self-install, easy-to-use and aesthetic design. The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is designed to assist daily routines and create peace of mind for families. It detects sound, temperature and humidity through its built-in sensors, and functions as its own WiFi/Bluetooth (BLE) gateway. The Anyware Home App™ comes with four pre-configured Smart Home Services (‘Scenes’) out-of-the-box: When you leave home, the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ will automatically start switching the lights on and off to make your home look occupied – and listen for intrusion. It will assist you in saving energy, and constantly monitors your indoor climate to help you create a healthy home.

You need no other devices to use the Anyware Smart Adaptor, which makes it the ideal first product on your Smart Home journey!

Size Matters

“It has been important for us to design a small Anyware Smart Adaptor™

so that it will fit most lamp designs and become almost invisible once installed”


built-in sensors and connectivity

Temperature Sensor


Humidity Sensor


Sound (decibels)

Sound (dB)

Home/Away automation

Home/Away Automation

Advanced Lighting Control

Advanced Lighting Control

WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE)

WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE)

As featured in

Peace of Mind

The truly ‘smart home’ will notify YOU when necessary – no need to check and adjust all the time

Seamless to Install

As easy as fitting a light bulb

Easy to Use

Intuitive Dashboard for every household member

Plug and Play

Pre-configured functionality out-of-the-box

Anyware Smart Adaptor fits in the palm of your hand

Two product versions to serve any country in the world

Choose the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ that fits the type of lamp sockets in your home.

For US/Canada and any other country on this list

Buy E26/E12 Now

If you live in Europe or a country that does not use the E26/E12 US-version (check out the list of E27/E14 countries here)

Buy E27/E14 Now


Automatic routines to run in the background for a hazzle-free everyday

Open Connectivity

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE) Will be interoperable with other connected devices and services via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Bluetooth by mid-2018.

Secure and Transparent Data Privacy

Full GDPR compliance with YOU in control of your data


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