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The Smart Home Revolution

starts here…

Anyware Solutions offers simplified and relevant Smart Home services for everyone.

Our strategic intent is to enable the Smart Home mass market by offering Smart Home as-a-Service in an integrated end-to-end Product Design and Business Model Design.

Our Vision

Anyware Solutions simplifies your Smart Home experience by making the installation as easy as fitting a light bulb, and providing meaningful easy-to-use services in the Anyware App™.


Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Anyware lighting control makes every lamp smart with a mini adapter

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Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Why Didn’t Anyone Think Of This Before


Smart Home For Everyone

Smart Home is much more than lighting –

but it needs to be as easy as fitting a light bulb

Innovation Grants

Digital Services

for the Insurance Industry

In 2017, Anyware Solutions will test the business case impact from preventive and personalized digital services for insurance customers based on IoT/InsurTech and Data Analytics.

Digital and Data-driven
Customer Engagement

“Use IoT to create customer touchpoints instead of focusing only on IoT for claims management”

For insurers, claims management reflects merely a few, often negative, customer touchpoints!


Read the article in ‘Intelligent Insurer’ here

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