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An ‘Anyware Service’ is typically a ‘Scene’ or an extended 'Data View' in the graph

Scenes are small easy-to-use ‘applets’ or automatic 'tasks' that run everyday routines for you and the family when you are away or at home to provide peace of mind, family safety and a healthy home.

Data View Services are either 1 Week or 1 Month Data View of each sensor in the graphs in the app. You always have 24 Hour Data View as minimum.

Change4Free™ is a 'change mechanism' in the app of the Scenes you have. It allows you to adjust the app to suit exactly YOUR everyday routines and needs, and with Change4Free™ you can change your Scenes as often and as many times you want.

Your Services

available in the app

Sound Alert

This Scene will notify you if a sound is detected above the pre-set sound level (dB), and the light will flash for 5 minutes. You can only stop the flashing by tapping STOP in the received Sound Alert or manually deactivating the Scene in app

Baby Monitoring

This Scene will dim light slowly until your kid has fallen asleep. It will continue to monitor your kid's sleep using the sound sensor, and will notify you if sound is detected. Select which Smart Adaptor to be included, and adapt the settings to suit your preferences

Fire Alarm Monitoring

This Scene will send a ‘Fire Alert’ notification to you and others you have registered, if the fire alarm goes off. It will also help you test if your fire alarm is functional and remind you to keep checking it.

Presence Light

This Scene will detect presence in the Room based on the sound level, and turn the light ON or OFF according to your settings. After midnight it will only turn ON light at 30% if you select the setpoint

Wake-up Light

The Scene wakes you in the morning with smooth light dimming according to your settings. Select the Smart Adaptors you want to use with this functionality, and adapt the configuration to suit your preferences

Light Schedule

This Scene turns light ON and OFF according to the time intervals you configure below. Select the Smart Adaptors you want to use with this functionality, and adapt the configuration below to suit your preferences

Welcome Light

This Scene turns light ON according to the below configuration when you arrive home. After midnight light will only turn ON at 30% if you check the setpoint. Select the Smart Adaptors you want to use with this functionality, and adapt the configuration below to suit your preferences

Preventive Burglar Light

This Scene will randomly turn ON and OFF the light every day in the pre-set time interval

Indoor Climate Monitoring

When activated, this Scene constantly monitors your temperature and humidity level, and will notify you when a sensor is triggered according to the pre-set thresholds

Energy Saving Mode

This Scene will turn light OFF in all connected Smart Adaptors until manually turned back ON. Other Scenes will override this Scene if light is needed


With Change4Free™ you have unlimited access to new Scenes in the Anyware Services Catalogue™, and the possibility to swap your existing Scenes with new ones - regardless how many Scenes you have - as often as you want.

1 Month Data Extension

Visualize 1 month of sensor data in the graph

Your STANDARD Anyware Services

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is equipped with built-in sensors (temperature, humidity and sound), connects to your Home WiFi, features light dimming, notification services and Home/Away automation.

This rich feature set makes it your ideal ENABLER of a variety of Anyware Services.

Each Anyware Smart Adaptor™ comes with 3 x Scenes and 24 Hour Data View in the graphs in the app. 


Preventive Burglar Light Scene

Energy Saving Mode Scene

Indoor Climate Monitoring Scene

24 Hour Data View in the graph

Extra PREMIUM features for the first month

Right now you also get Change4Free™ (worth EUR 30 per year) including 1 Week Data view in the graph (worth EUR 6.5 per year) free of charge for the first month after you sign up.

It means that you can choose exactly the ‘Scenes’ you want during the first month.

The Scenes you have when the 1 month trial period comes to an end, will stay with you if you decide to not continue the Change4Free™ subscription.

You will be asked in the app after 30 days if you want to continue, thereby preserving the ability to change your Scenes as often as you want and viewing 1 Week Data in the graph.

If you decide to opt in, we will send you a payment link - we will not ask for your credit card details upfront.

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