Anyware Services™

All yours for only EUR 4.69 per month


Customize Anyware to match YOUR need with ready-to-use, pre-configured automated routines in the app

Check out the Anyware webshop for great bundled deals including Smart Adaptors

Already got your Smart Adaptors? No worries, you can upgrade to the Anyware Services™ subscription in the app

Your Anyware Services™ Subscription

gives you unlimited access to all the Anyware services

With the Anyware Services™ subscription

you will get

Access to all the ready-to-use ‘Scenes’ (automated routines) in the app

1 Week of historical sensor data in the graphs of the temperature, humidity and noise level in your home

Change4Free™ feature that allows you to replace your existing Scenes with new ones as often as you want

Preventive Burglar Light Scene

Light Schedule Scene

Indoor Climate Monitoring Scene

1 Week Sensor Data in the graphs

With the Anyware Services™ subscription, you will get

As many as you want! The Anyware Services subscription applies to your User Account and ‘Location’ (e.g. ‘Home’ or ‘Holiday Cottage’), and the Smart Adaptors connect directly to your WiFi network router, so there are no limiting gateway.


If you are managing several properties, please contact us on for details about our PRO plans.

Will the Smart Adaptors work without subscription?

Yes, you can choose to skip the account activation and subscription in the app.
In the Anyware webshop you can also buy the 2-pack Starter Kit, which comes with a compelling basic functionality without subscription (2 Scenes, awesome light dimming and real-time sensor measurements in the app) – and you can always add the Anyware Services™ subscription in the app later if you change your mind.

You can get a preview of the Anyware Services™ subscription in the app if you enter the Product Code ‘1DAYFREE’, which gives you 1 day to try out the PREMIUM and full functionality of the Anyware solution.