Remote Well-being Monitoring

For Caregivers Helping Older Adults Stay Longer in their Own (Smarter) Home

Anyware’s Remote Well-being Monitoring service, Anyware Care, provides preventive, ethical, non-wearable and non-age stigmatizing Remote Care Monitoring of older adults living  alone.

The solution enables and empowers informal as well as well formal caregivers of older adults that live alone with seamless, plug-and-play and ready-to-use remote care monitoring.

The solution is based on advanced and non-obtrusive anomaly detection that shares data insights, recommendations and care notifications with caregivers only if abnormal behavior is detected in the (care) home.

Digtal Eldercare Anyware Care Monitoring

For Professional Care Providers

The Remote Well-being Monitoring service is extremely useful for professional care providers as an ethical data-driven decision-making tool. 

To preserve ethics and data privacy in the Anyware Care solution, all system settings (type of care notifications, the caregivers that reveive these notification and the monitoring time) have to be approved by the older adult in a simple online process

Anyware Care allows the professional care provider to configure individual care alert settings for each senior care receiver such as monitoring movement at night, toileting, and similar activities of daily living. 

Anyware enables a unique involvement and collaboration with the informal caregiver that wants to help look after the older adult.

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Anyware Care™ is available as a Well-being Monitoring service in the Anyware App

The service relies on ambient sensor monitoring by the Anyware Sense™ device. The more devices you add, the more advanced well-being monitoring services will be available in the app. 

Anyware Sense™ is designed and tested in an EU AAL (Ambient and Assistive Living) project to offer non-obtrusive anomaly detection in a unique balance between data privacy, ethical data management and well-being monitoring of the older adult

The monitored older adult is in control and must approve the data sharing settings configured in the Anyware App™ (when and what to monitor and whom to notifiy in case of an anomaly detection).

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Seamless Data Collection and Monitoring

Anyware Sense™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor for both professional and private customers.

Anyware Sense™ is a plug-and-play room sensor with several ambient sensors for shelf- or wall-placement.

It is a WiFi device powered by a normal USB-C wall-charger without the need for tools or an extra gateway or control box.

Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor and light dimmer in ONE product that you install as easy as you fit a light bulb

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is avaible in our webshop.

Anyware Dashboard™

Monitoring tool for professional care providers of multiple care receivers with individual care alert settings