How It Works - Get the most out of your Anyware Smart Adaptors
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How It Works


Monitor Your Smart Home Room by Room


Anyware Smart Adaptor with Features

Install the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ in a wide variety of lamps using your smartphone

One per room is typically enough and 3 are suitable for a standard-sized home

Pair the Anyware Smart Adaptor with your smartphone via Bluetooth first, and then connect it to your home WiFi router

Once connected, you can remotely monitor your home and run advanced Smart Living Services or ‘Scenes’


Dim the light via the Anyware App™ or automatically via the pre-configured ‘Scenes’

For example the Preventive Burglar Light scene that will randomly turn the light ON and OFF when no one is at home to create the impression that the house is occupied

Download the Anyware Home App for Android or iPhone

Sign up as ‘New User’ – Remember to verify the email that we send to you BEFORE LOGGING IN FIRST TIME

No Extra WiFi Gateway (AP)          |          No Tools          |          No Batteries
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With Anyware you and your family do not have to ‘live smart’ to enjoy Smart Living

You can continue to use your light switches with Double-Toggle™

All you need to do is to try to get into the habit of flicking the switch twice instead of once – i.e. flick it up AND down again – to operate the light.

In that way the Anyware Smart Adaptor will remain mains powered, and will continue to measure your indoor climate and detect intrusion when you are away.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is designed to recognize that operation as the light bulb being turned OFF or ON.

We call it Double-Toggle™ and instead  of re-reading the above, just try it!

Install the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ by following the instructions in the Anyware App™

Your Anyware App™ Dashboard

You can switch between THREE views


SCENES          |           ROOMS          |          ADAPTORS




About Scenes

Scenes are pre-programmed ‘Smart Living Services’
that you can configure to suit your own need



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