The Healthy Home

Ensure a healthy home for your family

People in the Northern hemisphere spend around 90% of their time indoors



In the know

Monitor the room temperature, humidity and noise level


The Anyware App comes pre-configured with all relevant setpoints for a healthy home


Let Anyware look after your home and notify you when you need to take action

Let Anyware notifiy you when you need to know

    • The Anyware App comes with presets for a healthy home
    • You can easily set your own thresholds in the app
    • Receive Sensor Alerts when the thresholds are reached


The Anyware Home App™

  • Humidity Alert
  • Indoor Climate Monitoring
  • Humidity Alert

  • Indoor Climate Monitoring

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CES Innovation Award

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Make Your Home Smarter

Room by Room

Remotely Monitor Your Home and Prevent Damages

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Anyware Solutions ApS
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2000 Frederiksberg

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Anyware Home App can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

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