Forget Everything
You Know About Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Forget Everything
You Know About Smart Home


Most of us are not searching for new devices but simpler ways to live or engage ourselves. While there are several paths to a solution here, none goes all the way. Devices should resolve problems that we know we have and do so in ways we comprehend. Smarter Living isn’t about what is possible but what is useful and valuable.

Anyware’s vision is rooted in acknowledging that most private consumers and homeowners/tenants remain unengaged in digital solutions for the Smart Home. The reason is that Smart Home is typically being offered as a technology gadget, which appeals to only 1 in 6 consumers.

It is an industry problem, but the implication is that relevant technology to feel safe and secure, save energy and prevent damage to homes and other buildings is not being adopted by most people.

Anyware addresses this problem by offering Smarter Living as a Service and not a tech gadget to the homeowner/ tenant who wants a plug-and-play solution to solve a specific need without having to nerd around with devices.

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