Build Smarter Homes with Anyware Control™

Unique Home and Building Automation

The Anyware Control™ offer completes Anyware’s Smarter Living™ value proposition.

It adds control and automation functionality to the unique sensor solution based on the Anyware Sense™ room sensor.

With the Anyware Control™ devices for light control and dimming, shutter and blinds control, fan and aircondition regulation, property developers can build and offer award-winning, Danish designed smart homes to their clients – and seamlessly monitor the building health and usage. 

Anyware Solutions Product Portfolio

Smarter Living™​

Anyware Smart Home_Smarter Living

Smarter Home™


Anyware Control™

Power Metering | Automation | Integration
Device Monitoring Dashboard | API | End-user App

Smart Switch 16A

1-Channel Relay

Fan Regulator

5-Speed Control

Smart Switch 6A

2-Channel Relay

A/C Controller

Shutter Control 6A

2-Channel Relay

Fan Coil Unit (FCU)

Configured and Controlled

with the

Anyware App™

Anyware Dashboard_Anyware App


in the

Anyware Dashboard™

Product Portfolio

Anyware Sense™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor for both professional and private customers.

Anyware Sense™ is a plug-and-play room sensor with several ambient sensors for shelf- or wall-placement.

It is a WiFi/Bluetooth device powered by a normal USB-C wall-charger without the need for tools or an extra gateway or control box.

Please tell us what you need, and we will send you a project quote that matches your needs!

Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor and light dimmer in ONE product that you install as easy as you fit a light bulb

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is avaible in our webshop.

Anyware Dashboard™

Monitoring tool for professional care providers of multiple care receivers with individual care alert settings