Supporting Independent Living for Elderly with Digital Well-being Monitoring

In collaboration with (health) insurers and professional care providers, Anyware enables all older adults to stay longer and independently in their own – not home but – SMART home

Our healthcare systems are not working. In most countries, they are today reactive ‘sick care’ systems incapable of embracing digital solutions due to inherent and systemic dysfunctions.

In terms of eldercare, the institutional system is broken or, at best, for the few seniors lucky enough to receive care support, but unfortunate enough to do it because they have been hospitalized or diagnosed with an illness.

However, most seniors, many of whom are healthy and active but still feel unsafe about living alone because no one would know if they needed help; there is no preventive eldercare system.

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Digtal Eldercare Anyware Care Monitoring

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We need to rethink ‘eldercare’ and the concept of ‘digital solutions’ – mainly, how we deliver them to users. We do not need more technology. We need a more innovative and more collaborative value chain to deliver the technology as a value-added service when it is relevant to the user.

Ethical | Non-wearable | Non-obtrusive

Anyware collects ONLY ethical, non-obtrusive data monitoring from the Anyware Sense™ device, which is uniquely designed for this Remote Care Monitoring services and can process many of the care alerts on the device to offer non-obtrusive AI detection and to respect the data privacy of the monitored older adult

The older adult and/or the caregiver is always in control about when to monitor and what type of alerts to be shared.

Making Sense For Our Clients


Anyware Sense™

Plug-and-Play Ambient Room Sensor

Seamless | Constant | Ethical | Monitoring

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Co-developing the Future of Digital Eldercare