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Home Security Kit – E27/E14


With this SPECIAL OFFER you will get

3  Award-Winning Anyware Smart Adaptors™

Seamless to Install – Easy to Use

No Extra WiFi Gateway – No Wires – No Tools – No Batteries


Price: EUR 199 incl. VAT

European Version (E27/E14) 

Home Security Kit

Control and dim your light, remotely monitor your vacation home, connect to other Smart Home devices – whatever your preference is: Start your Smart Home journey here!

– or add the award-winning Anyware Smart Adaptor™ to your connected home as the most awesome Room Sensor in the Smart Home market.

The patent-pending Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is the world’s smallest and smartest lamp socket adaptor.

It fits lamp sockets, type E27, which is the most prevalent lamp socket standard in the world, and works with (dimmable) LED light bulbs with the smaller lamp socket base, E14, which is also available in most retail stores.

It is designed to assist daily routines and create peace of mind for families, and comes with pre-configured Smart Home services in the Anyware App™

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Preventive Burglar Control
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Indoor Climate Monitoring

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ detects sound, temperature and humidity through its built-in sensors, and can be configured to deter and detect intrusion attempts based on sound detection, it monitors your temperature and humidity levels, and functions as its own WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE) gateway.

The Anyware App™ can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.


Download the Anyware App™ in:


Direct links:

AppStore (iOS/iPhone)

Google Play (Android)


You can download the Anyware App™ for iPhone in AppStore and for Android smartphones in Google Play store.

First, read our Getting Started Guide.

Once you have the Anyware Smart Adaptors™ and an E14/E12/candelabra type LED light bulb in front of you, you follow this simple step-by-step guide to get startet.

Then you download the Anyware App™ and follow the instructions in the app. It will take you through pairing and connection to your home WiFi router or access point.

Then, you are ready to enjoy the benefits in the Anyware App™.

Yes! We have designed the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ with what we call a Double-Toggle™ light function.

It means that you can press the lamp or wall switch two times - up AND down - to operate the light bulb, thereby keeping the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ mains powered.

Normally, you would flick your switch up to turn OFF the light bulb, and down to turn it back ON.

With Double-Toggle™ you just need to do both in ONE operation: Up AND down. The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is designed to understand that command as a light bulb ON/OFF operation, and will toggle the light bulb each time.

If you only flick the switch once, you will turn the mains power to the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ OFF, and it will not be able to monitor your indoor climate or listen for intruders when you are not at home until you turn it back ON.

If you turn it off by mistake (i.e. with scenes such as Intrusion Detection waiting to be activated when you leave home), you will get a reminder to turn it back ON.

We hope that you will like the Double-Toggle light function™ - and can only encourage you to TRY IT!

Think of the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ as a multi-functional ‘room sensor’ that you can use in different ways depending on the room and your need.

When you have more than one Anyware Smart Adaptor™ on the same location, they will work together in a system when it comes to Home Monitoring and Security. Each Anyware Smart Adaptor™ will still provide you with the room-specific Smart Home service, though.

Start with one (1) Anyware Smart Adaptors™ to monitor the Indoor Climate in the Kid's Room or remotely monitor your vacation home.

We recommend at least three (3) Anyware Smart Adaptors™ for an effective and trustworthy home occupancy light (Preventive Burglar Control scene or service) and broader intrusion detection based on sound (Intrusion Detection scene or service).

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is directly fitted into the lamp socket, and depending on your country of residence, you typically have either E27 or E26 type lamp sockets.

Chose the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ that fits your lamp socket type:

  • If you live in Europe or a country that does not use the E26/E12 US-version (you can check out the list of E27/E14 countries here)
  • For US/Canada and any other country on this list

Once you have installed and connected your Anyware Smart Adaptors™ you can start using the Anyware App™.

It has a main view with three Dashboards: Scenes, Rooms and Adaptors. Everything is linked to your location, e.g. your ‘Home’, and you can easy add new locations, e.g. your vacation home.

You can monitor the sensor readings by tapping the connected Smart Adaptors under ‘Adaptors’, group them by rooms under ‘Rooms’, or activate the pre-configured scenes in the ‘Scene Dashboard’.

Some helpful tips in using the app are:

  • You can tap the icons to activate/deactivate scenes or turn ON/OFF lights
  • Use Home/Away automation in scenes have them activate/deactivate automatically when you leave or come home

If you enable Home/Away automation in a scene, it will automatically be activated or deactivated when you leave or come back to the location.

You can always manually override the automation by activating/deactivating the scene.

No, use only LED light bulbs, and go with dimmable versions to enhance the functionality and value of the Anyware solution.

If you fit another light bulb type than LED, you will not break the Anyware Smart Adaptors™. It has an electronic switch that will simply prevent the light bulb from turning ON if it uses more than 10A.

Hence, if your light bulb does not turn ON when you first install it, please check if you have in fact used an LED light bulb. You can test it on the small transparent button on the front of the Anyware Smart Adaptors™.

No, you can use non-dimmable LED light bulbs.

Please notice that the quality and design of LED light bulbs vary significantly, so when you use non-dimmable light bulbs, you may experience flickering if you try to dim it. It is not an Anyware Smart Adaptors™ fault – in fact, you will sometimes be able to even dim non-dimmable LED light bulbs with the Anyware Smart Adaptors™, so don’t blame us for flickering at dimmed light level on a non-dimmable LED light bulb.

In general, we recommend that you go with dimmable LED light bulbs to enhance the functionality and value of the Anyware Smart Adaptors™.

Yes, if you tap the sensor icon in the app, it will provide you with the measurements for the last 24h.

Please notice that the measurements are calibrated during the first 24h, and will display a calculated estimate for temperature and humidity when the LED light bulb is turned ON.

If you want to fast-track the calibration, you can keep the lights off for 1-2h.

During the first 24h, the sensors are calibrating for the heat emission of the Anyware Smart Adaptor as well as the LED light bulb when turned ON.

If you want to fast-track the calibration, you can keep the lights off for 1-2h.

Getting Started

Download the Getting Started Guide here

Download the Technical Data Sheet here


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