Extra Smart Adaptor


Your All-in-One Smart Room Solution

You need only one Smart Adaptor per room
  • Build your Smarter Home Room by Room
  • Configure each room individually in the app
  • Install it seamlessly in your lamp
  • Move it to another room and give it a new 'routine' just as easily
  • Get personalized in-app advice and notifications
  • Remotely monitor your home from ‘anyware’

"Coolest device ever - the app is amazing"

"Brilliant product and super service!"

"So easy to use. Normally I don't bother smarthome products, but Anyware is designed for me"

How Many Smart Adaptors Do I Need?  Think of the Anyware Smart Adaptor as a multi-functional ‘room sensor’ that you can use in different ways depending on the room and your need. When you have more than one Anyware Smart Adaptor on the same location, they will work together when it comes to Home Monitoring and Security. Each Anyware Smart Adaptor will still provide you with the room-specific Smart Living function, though.If in doubt about your need, start with one (1) Anyware Smart Adaptors to monitor the Indoor Climate in the Kid's Room or remotely monitor your Vacation Home. We recommend at least three (3) Anyware Smart Adaptors for an effective and trustworthy home occupancy light (the Preventive Burglar Light Scene or Service) and broader intrusion detection based on sound (the Intrusion Detection Scene or Service).

Choose the Smart Adaptor type used in your country of residence

  • E27

    Countries using both E27 and Bayonet lamp sockets

  • E26

Incl. dimmable LED Light Bulb (E14)

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The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is equipped with built-in sensors (temperature, humidity and sound/noise level), connects to your Home WiFi, features light dimming, notification services and Home/Away automation.

This rich feature set makes it the ideal ENABLER of all the Anyware Services in the app, which you easily adapt to the room and your preferences.

Think of ‘Anyware Services’ as small pre-configured applets in your app that runs various daily routines for you – every day.

You can seamlessly activate and deactivate the daily routines with a single tap in the app, or let them run automatically when you leave or arrive at home.

What You Get

Your Anyware Smart Adaptor includes:

  • 1 Smart Adaptor for an extra Smart Room in your home or your remote vacation home
  • 3 Anyware Services (Scenes) out-of-the-box
    • Preventive Burglar Light Scene
    • Presence Light Scene
    • Indoor Climate Monitoring Scene
  • Full access to all Anyware Services via the app
  • The ability to replace Scenes as often as you want
  • 1 Week Sensor Data in the graphs

Anyware Service Subscription

Once you have registered as a new user through the Anyware App, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to all the automated routines or ‘services’ in the app for only EUR 4.69, – per month in a 12 month subscription.

The Anyware Service subscription gives you full functionality and access to ALL Anyware Services through the app, and you can freely choose exactly the ‘Services’ you want – and change them as often as you want.

You also get 1 Week Sensor Data view in the graph for better understanding the state and patterns of your home.

Without the subscription, the Smart Adaptor still works as a quality light dimmer and real-time room sensor for temperature, humidity and sound level.

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