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Bundle Your Offer With IoT Value-Added Services

Anyware enables companies serving homeowners and tenants to offer IoT-based customized digital services as 'value-added bundles' to their customers

Which Industry Vertical Do You Belong To?




What do Energy, Telecom and Insurance have in common?

Companies in these industry verticals serve homeowners and tenants with low-interest (more or less regulated) services.

As digital newcomers and IoT incumbents such as Amazon and Google embrace these core services, and regulation allows homeowners to choose their preferred service providers, the customer relationship can no longer be taken for granted.

But as the services remain low-interest, the energy, telecom and insurance companies are compelled to offer value-added services. Telecom providers already do that with OTT services such as Spotify and Netflix.

Anyware offers the leading IoT-as-a-Service marketing tool to specifically engage homeowners and tenants!

With Anyware, our partners create effective customer acquisition, retention and stickiness, new customer touchpoints and new services revenues.


Short-term Home Rentals

Anyware offers market-leading Remote Monitoring of Vacation Homes and Short-term Rental Homes.

Providers of short-term rentals are enabled to not only remotely monitor the homes, but also to engage their homeowners with a give-away for them to remotely monitor their home between rentals and when occupied by guests.

Owners of vacation homes - whether it's a rental or only for private use - face the constant uncertainty of not knowing if everything is ok. Did the temperature drop? Are the heat pump still running? Did the storm destroy anything? Have there been intruders in the vacation home?

And when the home is rented out, homeowners want to know when guests arrive and leave, whether they are too loud fornthe neighbours, etc. 

Anyware offers the ideal remote (vacation) home monitoring for data insights and damage prevention without intrusive cameras.

It is simple to install (and move/uninstall), sends alerts and notifications when necessary, and runs automated routines to prevent burglary.


PropTech/Property Management

PropTech has not yet found its way into residential buildings, because it does not offer value to the tenant. 

Anyware solves that problem by both enabling property owners to offer a retrofit plug-and-play IoT entry level offer to homeowners/tenants, and letting them choose to subscribe to the Smarter Living services or seamlessly move the retrofit IoT devices to the next apartment.

We take point of departure in the current consumer IoT/Smart Home technology trend that consumers increasingly own connected products such as Google Home, Philips Hue, etc., when they move into a new apartment, and that classic integrated Smart Home solutions such as KNX oftentimes fail to be perceived valuable by less tech-savvy users (i.e. 5 in 6 homeowners/tenants).

Anyware provides pre-configured ‘automated routines’ in terms of indoor climate monitoring, burglar control, etc., as part of the IoT entry level offer, and the user can later subscribe to service upgrades in the app.


Why Our Partners Go Anyware

Happy Customers

Customers that you help and care for are sticky, loyal customers. It's all about demonstrating an interest and understanding of your customer's current life situation and need.

But how can you know what your customer wants, if you don't know your customers?

Anyware Give-away

Strategic Give-away

Invite your customer on to your smart home journey with a strategic give-away. Don't wait for the customer to engage with YOU in a webshop. The give-away should add value to your core services and strategically facilitate the onwards smart home journey for your customers. 

Targeted Use-cases

Targeted Use-cases

Only 16% of people - and your customer base - are interested in technology gadgets. Consequently, you must offer relevant and targeted Smarter Living SERVICES. We call it 'Smarter Living-as-a-Service', and we enable you to target every segment of your customer base with tailor-made services. 

Loyal Customers

Loyal Customers

Keep your customers happy and engaged with Anyware. Energy, Internet and Insurance customers have little incentive to switch to another provider due to the low-interest nature of the services. It means that they also have little reason to stay with you when presented to another value-added service by competitors.

New Customers

New Customers

Give potential homeowners a reason to switch to you. Your core service itself is seldom enough, but bundled with targeted Anyware services, it will be!

New Services Revenues

New Services Revenues

Anyware offers targeted 'Smarter Living' services on subscription based on our award-winning and patented IoT devices.

When you roll out the services to your customer base, we share the revenues with you. Why wait? Get in touch today! 

Data-driven Customer Engagement
Based on IoT-as-a-Service 

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Offer Customized Services

For Targeted Customer Segments

With Anyware Product Codes 

If You Don't Know Your Customers -
How Can You Know What They Want?

Anyware Uniqueness

Unique Data-driven Customer Engagement

To engage your customers, you must know your customers!

You get to know your customers through CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTS and DATA, but if your customers do not engage with you, you need to initiate the engagement.

The strategic and wise play is to do that with an award-winning data-collecting IoT give-away, enabling you to RE-engage your customer with value-adding services along her digital smart home journey.

Because engaged customers are sticky and loyal!

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

For Love or Loyalty or Money or Data

Anyware offers you a unique way to enhance the relationship with your existing homeowner customers by offering them relevant and targeted value-added services.

You can do that for customer LOYALTY or MONEY or DATA. These are the customer 'currencies' we offer, and your strategic intent will determine the Anyware value proposition and Business Model.

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

Collecting and Monetizing Customer Data Insights

With Anyware you actually get access to your customers' data - if they consent to sharing their data with you. As you are well aware, offering a Google or Amazon IoT device for your customers will not get you data-driven customer insights.  

Additionally, our studies show that typically 50% are willing to share their home data if they trust you as a service provider. After trying out Anyware, an additional 30% would be willing to share data, if they got something in return - like 'Smarter Living' or Remote Vacation Home Monitoring.

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

Why Offer An Anyware Bundle

More Cost-effective Customer Acquisition

What is your current average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

It depends on your industry vertical, but let's for argument's sake say that you are a Nordic energy utility or retailer. Your CAC would be around EUR 70. In some markets and verticals it's much higher, though.

It means that you acquire a new customer for EUR 70 on average, and depending on you churn rate, you have a certain amount of months or years to monetize that customer.

Now, let's say that Anyware can help you BOTH acquire new customers more cost-effectively AND retain them for longer once they 'Go Anyware' and start enjoying 'Smarter Living-as-a-Service' with your compliments.

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

Retained and Sticky Customers

To engage your customers, you must know your customers!

You get to know your customers through data, but if your customers do not engage with you, you need to create CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTS.

The strategic and wise play is to do that with an award-winning data-collecting IoT device, enabling you to RE-engage your customer with value-adding services along her digital smart home journey.

Because engaged customers are sticky and loyal!

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

New Services Revenue Streams

Anyware offers 'Smarter Living-as-a-Service', which means that the true vaue-creation in the continuous services delivery via the app to your customer, and for that your customer pays an Anyware Services™ subscription. We recommend that you consider subsidizing it, maybe for the first year, for exceptionally strong customer retention!

Engaged and loyal customers are likely to spend more money on your business!

Get in touch on sales@anyware.solutions to learn more!

Value-added Bundles vs. Webshop

Why Your Webshop Is Not Selling

For customers to buy gadgets in your webshop, they would need to formulate a need for those gadgets and/or have a technology interest in the gadget itself.

Only 16% of people - and of your customer base - are tech-savvy 'early adopters' that would comprehend the gadget benefit and consider buying it.

Add to that, that most early adopters already bought more than enough gadgets for themselves and their home.

As a consequence, gadget webshops are generally not working, because they serve a fraction of the market that has already been served.

Why Use-case Specific Bundles Work

Now, if instead of putting a technology gadget in your webshop, you offered a use-case specific service, for which a segment of your customer have a clear need, your webshop would serve not as a shopping window' but as a transaction platform.

It would serve your customers on their digital smart home journey as they acknowledge new needs and preferences during the journey.

An example would be Anyware's Remote Vacation Home Monitoring service: Customers without a vacation home would not care (you would need to offer other services to them), but those with a vacation home would find this offer super relevant and useful.

If you offer the first Smart Adaptor to these customers as a give-away and/or part of a campaign, they would use your webshop to get familiar with the offer and potentially buy additional Smart Adapters for their own home.

In addition to new revenues, you would gain stickiness and retention of these customers.

Pro-active vs. Re-active Customer Engagement

Energy, Internet and Insurance customers have little incentive to switch to another provider due to the 'commodity' and low-interest nature of the services.

It also means that they have very little reason to stay with you if presented to a more relevant and targeted value-added service by a competitor. 

You need to take the initiative and offer the FIRST service on the customer's smart home journey as a give-away.

The customer will repay you with loyalty, retention and more business.

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