Customer Touchpoints and Retention

Happy customers are loyal customers, but often customers stay just because they do not really care enough about your product or service to change it – and they will stay until one of your competitors give them a reason to leave you 

If your core offer places you in this risk group, which it does if you are for example an insurer or energy provider, we have good news for you. It is relatively easy to address, and it becomes very easy and compelling with Anyware:

You simply need to give your customers a reason to stay!

When the core offer is not enough – or when it is easily copied by competitors – you must add relevant (for your customer) value-added services to it as the first ‘touchpoint’ on the new Smarter Living™ journey for your customer.

Anyware Smarter Living

With Anyware, the value-added services you offer to your customers create higher ‘switching costs’ (i.e. it will be more complicated for your customers to churn away without losing the value-added services), which translates into customer retention.

As we are charging a monthly or annual subscription, our partners are gaining unique retention by paying the Anyware Services™ subscription for their customers for as long as they are customers of our partner.

Anyware has developed a unique product code concept that allows you to offer the Anyware value-added service free-of-charge to your customers (paid by you). It automatically creates a positive touchpoint when the Anyware Services subscription expires, and you prolong it as a reward to loyal customers.

How Anyware Retention Works

The Anyware value proposition is designed to enable our partners to create new targeted customer touchpoints and retention based on personalized value-added services bundles.

The challenge for our partners is often that their core offer is of low interest to their customers. We see that within insurance, energy, real estate, and similar services, but anyone considering two bottles of wine or an Amazon voucher as a customer acquisition give-away, should hit the contact button and give us the opportunity to present a strategic, customer-retaining and revenue-generating alternative.

Informal Caregiver

Seamless Data Collection

Anyware Sense™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor for both professional and private customers.

Anyware Sense™ is a plug-and-play room sensor with several ambient sensors for shelf- or wall-placement.

It is a WiFi/Bluetooth device powered by a normal USB-C wall-charger without the need for tools or an extra gateway or control box.

Please tell us what you need, and we will send you a project quote that matches your needs!

Anyware Smart Adaptor™

Unique retrofit IoT multi-sensor and light dimmer in ONE product that you install as easy as you fit a light bulb

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is avaible in our webshop.

Anyware Dashboard™

Monitoring tool for professional care providers of multiple care receivers with individual care alert settings