Anyware Services™ For Partners

Don't Sell Smart Home Products - Upsell Digital Value-added Services

We enable partners to offer targeted and relevant value-added services to create new customer touchpoints and retention

Anyware will manage the entire process once you have sent the offer to customers or posted it on the website.

It is all about enriching your engagement with the customer and avoid ‘selling’ them something they don’t need. 

All studies suggest that homeowners do indeed value smart home benefits once they have them, but do not articulate actual needs, nor mobilise enough interest to navigate the complex technology market on their own to find solutions.

However, when offered a simple bundled product to prevent burglary, remotely monitor the holiday home or help look after their older parent as part of of their relationship with our partners, they value it with loyalty and higher satisfaction scores in survey – and are willing to ‘pay for’ the bundled benefits (as opposed to ‘buy’ a gadegt in the webshop). 

This is the future of marketing, and you can start today!

Anyware Smarter Living

A relevant bundled Anyware service as a welcome or loyalty gift, kickstarts the customer’s Smarter Living™ journey and positions our partners as a trusted advisors that care about the customer beyond its core offering. This is the foundation for upselling to the customer and creating new services revenues

Additionally, there is immense strategic value in the unique, customer-specific sensor data that the customer now voluntarily sharees with our partner.

The sensor-based customer insights from the devices can be shared via API or in a dashboard, subject to the customers data sharing consent with the partner (managed in the app, which can be white-labeled, if prefered by our partner).