Why should our children wait for a proper environment for learning?

A Healthy and Effective Learning Environment is Crucial for our Future

With Anyware’s plug-and-play and ready-to-use classroom sensor, there is no reason to not start making data-driven decisions about the indoor climate in the classroom and refurbishment plans of the school building.

Anyware Sense (the classroom sensor) is a multi-sensor that seamlessly monitors all the critical sensor values for a healthy and effective learning environment. Several studies point to the main problems of noise, CO2, temperature and ambient light levels as being the most common and damaging indoor climate problems.  

Once plugged in, the classroom sensor will start transmitting the sensor data to the Anyware App and Anyware Dashboard, where you can configure individual alert thresholds for each classroom. 

If the noise or CO2 level get too high, the Anyware Sense device blink red to alert the teacker and student to take action – and send an alert to the building management team for further action.

Anyware Classroom Sensor
Healthy Learning Environment in the School and Classroom

We believe in simple, meaningful solutions, so the action based on the alerting in the classroom may be to simply open the window. 

It does not have to be an expensive and complex automated system that opens the window and disturbs the teaching, but even the manual action taken must be based on relevant and timely data.

If you want to integrate the sensor data into your existing software, app or own dashboard via API, please contact us for a detailed dialogue.

Actionable insights in the classroom is the starting point 

Recent Research Findings

709 Classrooms in 234 Danish Schools

  • In 9 out of 10 classes, the sound pressure exceeds 60 decibels, surpassing the recommended maximum of 50 decibels in a classroom. On average, the noise level in the classroom is 70 decibels
  • In over half of the classrooms (53%), CO2 concentrations exceeded the recommended limit set by the Working Environment Authority
  • In 18% of the classrooms, these concentrations were more than double the recommended level
  • Ventilation improved students’ experience and alleviated their symptoms
  • Students made 6% fewer errors in concentration tests after ventilating the classroom

Anyware Sense™

Retrofit Ambient Room Sensor

Seamless Data Collection and Monitoring

Anyware Sense™

Anyware Sense™ is a plug-and-play multi-sensor that monitors the critical sensor values for a healthy and efficient learning environment.

When the configured indoor climate thresholds are exceeded, the sensor in the classroom will flash red to 'alert' the teacher and students to take action, while also sending a notification to the service worker's app and the school management dashboard.

Anyware Dashboard™

Monitor all your devices and sensor data at the same time.