Ensure a Healthy Learning Environment for the Future

Anyware monitors the classroom for noise, COand air quality 

With Anyware’s plug-and-play and ready-to-use classroom sensor, there is no reason to not make data-driven decisions about the indoor climate in the classroom and the refurbishment plans of the school building.

Once plugged in, the Anyware Sense device (the classroom sensor) will start transmitting the sensor data to the Anyware App and Anyware Dashboard, where you can configure individual alert thresholds for each classroom. 

If the noise or CO2 level get too high, the Anyware Sense device will light up red, and send an alert to the teacher and/or the building team for further action.

We believe in simple, meaningful solutions, so the action based on the red light alert in the classroom may be to simply open the window. It does not have to be an expensive and complex automated system that opens the window and disturbs the teaching, but even the manual action taken must be based on relevant and timely data.

Anyware Sense also works with other visualisation software solutions, so please get in touch with us, if you want the Anyware Sense device integrated with your existing software or dashboard.


Retrofit Multi-Sensor

Anyware Sense™

Client Options

Modular Platform Design

  • Cellular Uplink (with WiFi Fall-back)
  • Enterprise Variant with Power Terminals for Fixed Installation
  • Software Upgrade: Sensor Pattern Recognition
  • Built-in Air Quality (VOC) Sensor
  • Built-in CO2 Sensor
  • API for Cloud Data Exchange
  • Add-on Sensors
    • IR Transmitter for Local A/C Control
    • Water Flow Sensor for Usage Detection