The Smart Office and Meeting Room

Get actionable insights about the indoor climate and use of the office space

Anyware’s Building Analytics tool provides actionable insights for Business Owners, HR and Office Managers, Property Managers and Managed Services Providers.

It sends sensor notifications according to your sensor thresholds, help you reduce energy waste, and serve as documentation of the usage patterns and a heathy indoor climate in the ESG or CSR report.


The data collection is based on the unique Anyware Sense™ device, which is a retrofit plug-and-play multi-sensor for the office space and meeting rooms.

It measures presence, noise, air quality, CO2, temperature, humidity and light level in ONE product in the office or office zone or meeting room.

The data can also be shared via API to your own systems.


Retrofit Multi-Sensor

Anyware Sense™

Anyware Sense_Sensors

Client Options

Modular Platform Design

  • Cellular Uplink (with WiFi Fall-back)
  • Enterprise Variant with Power Terminals for Fixed Installation
  • Software Upgrade: Sensor Pattern Recognition
  • Built-in Air Quality (VOC) Sensor
  • Built-in CO2 Sensor
  • API for Cloud Data Exchange
  • Add-on Sensors
    • IR Transmitter for Local A/C Control
    • Water Flow Sensor for Usage Detection