The Smart Hotel Room

Improve guest satisfaction by showing that you care and are aware

Upgrade your existing hotel rooms with a seamless, plug-and-play non-obtrusive multi sensor in each hotel room and a hotel room dashboard for the hotel management and reception staff.

Based on the built-in temperature, humidity and non-obtrusive noise sensors in the Anyware Sense™ device, Anyware provides insights such as presence, absence, cleaning and showering.

It allows the hotel staff to reduce energy waste, optimize the guest experience and prevent dissatisfaction through data-driven insights.

Hotel Guest Satisfaction
Hotel Room Monitoring_Guest Satisfaction
  • Know if the guest has left the room with the A/C on
  • Know if the guest has adjusted the A/C and/or opened the window
  • Remotely monitor the smoke alarm and rapid heat development in the room
  • Know if some guests are too loud in the room
  •  Know the humidity level, and prevent water damage if no-one is in the room
  • Notify the hotel staff immediately when action is required


Retrofit Multi-Sensor

Anyware Sense™

Client Options

Modular Platform Design

  • Cellular Uplink (with WiFi Fall-back)
  • Enterprise Variant with Power Terminals for Fixed Installation
  • Software Upgrade: Sensor Pattern Recognition
  • Built-in Air Quality (VOC) Sensor
  • Built-in CO2 Sensor
  • API for Cloud Data Exchange
  • Add-on Sensors
    • IR Transmitter for Local A/C Control
    • Water Flow Sensor for Usage Detection